Видео: Pairing Striiv Fusion with iOS app

iOS Fusion pairing

Step by step guide for pairing the Striiv Fusion with the Striiv Activity Tracking app. Few tips: keep your device plugged in the ...

Android pairing Striiv Fusion

How to pair the Striiv Fusion. Step by step of the pairing process on Android Smartphone App. Quick tips: keep device plugged in ...

Pairing your tracker to the iOS app

Learn how to pair your activity tracker to the iOS app.

Pairing Walgreens Activity Tracker with Striiv Android App

Step by step guide of the pairing process on the Android app.

Pairing your Play, Striiv Activity Tracker App

How to pair your Play pedometer with the Striiv Activity Tracker App. For iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Using Striiv Band with App

How to see daily step goal progress, sync with smart phone app, and change goals in app.

Striiv Fusion, the little smartwatch that could!

http://www.striiv.com/striivfusion/ With so smartwatches on the rise, you now have some good choices. In the beginning, I was not ...

How to pair your Striiv Play

How to pair your Striiv Play.

Factory reset Striiv Touch

How to factory reset your Striiv Touch. A factory reset will restore the Touch to original factory settings, including clearing all ...

How to wear Striiv Fusion

Pinch closed using your thumb and index finger. To break it in faster, use a bit of water at first.

How to pair the Blinkked smart watch with IOS APP?

How to pair the Blinkked smart watch with IOS APP?

Pairing Striiv Band on Android

Step by step of pairing flow for Striiv Band on Android phone.

Tap Tutorial

A primer on tapping your Walgreens Activity Tracker.

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